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Hello! 👋 I'm Keven, hailing from the vibrant Québec, Canada.

In my 15-year tech career, I've navigated roles spanning software development, team leadership, strategic planning, consulting, and teaching. Each position has honed my skills and broadened my perspective, making me adept in a multitude of areas. Presently, I'm a Senior Developer at Shopify, where I continue to grow professionally. While focused on my role, I remain open to engaging in exciting new projects.

I've condensed all the essential info right here for a quick decision. For a deeper dive, feel free to explore my website, LinkedIn, and GitHub. Everything you need to know to hire me is right in front of you.

Who I Am

What I Offer

I provide a range of expert services tailored for your tech needs:

Consulting for Projects
Software Development
Representation and Leadership
Professional Development
Strategic Management
Audits and Optimization
Mentorship and Career Support
Project Management